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Eroding the State means eroding each individual’s fear

In Murray Rothbard’s “Anatomy of the State“, he describes how the State came into being and how it maintains its control over its citizens. The State does a great head job on its subjects. For an example of how effective … Continue reading

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I have expectations, not rights

Rights come from our humanity, according to Judge Andrew Napolitano. I don’t like the word rights. I always align it with some special privilege that government can give and take away when it wants. I prefer expectations as a human … Continue reading

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The Apolitical State

The State organizes a nation’s resources for efficient, effective, and profitable exploitation with returns going to: 1. The State, in the form of tax revenues, government jobs, power, and prestige; 2. Bond holders, in the form of coupon payments; and … Continue reading

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Strategic partnerships vs. the nanny state

Liberals fail to realize the difference between strategic partnerships & contracts versus a nanny state dropping manna. Strategic partnerships and contracts rely on human cooperation, reason, and voluntarism. Each party won’t get all of what they want, but, barring some … Continue reading

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We are the #State. I wish our #Constitution reflected that.

I’ve been conducting a literature review lately.  It’s more intense than just reading for the heck of it.  My focus is on what is the state; how do we define it.  I haven’t come up with my own definitive meaning … Continue reading

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I like my government flat

I like my government flat?  What does that mean?  I’ve been throwing around this idea for a few weeks now, trying to come up with a more appropriate role of government within, yes, a libertarian framework.  It came to a … Continue reading

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Wishing upon a star versus dodging an asteroid

Presidential elections are like that distant star you make a wish on. The issues are esoteric and the candidates and their posse are typically a bunch of bourgeoisie (Obama, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett) that you have nothing in common with. … Continue reading

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