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Syria and Germany

Had Angela Merkel told Syrian refugees the truth about Europe, that save for a little oil in the North Sea and stories about vampires, werewolves, and gremlins, Europe provides next to nothing in geopolitical value, Syrians would have stayed home. … Continue reading

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Non-moralizing on Syria is refreshing

A piece in The New York Times today highlighted President Trump’s distaste for moralizing as preamble to foreign policy action. I find it very refreshing to see an American president not get on a self-righteous soapbox and preach morals to the … Continue reading

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Low approval rating and U.S. being “not so innocent” gives Trump centrist opportunity

Donald Trump has a low approval rating. According to data cited by Time, 53% of Americans disapprove of how the 45th president is doing his job while 44% give him the thumbs up. Comments made last weekend about similarities between … Continue reading

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Putin 2 Obama 0

Looks like the Obama administration is being outmaneuvered (again) by Vladimir Putin. Russia is seeking stronger relations with India and, to a lesser extent, Pakistan. The U.S. has long touted a special relationship with India because it is the world’s … Continue reading

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United States, Russia, Syria: Cold War 2.0

The United States has long wanted to get Syria out of Russia’s satellite of control. Syria, geographically, puts a check on Israel. Ukraine, which is barely mentioned versus two years ago, is the alternate land bridge from Russia to western … Continue reading

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Mr. Obama needs to be honest tonight … but I won’t hold my breath

President Obama will be making his case for military action in Syria and Iraq as part of the United State’s response to ISIL, the Islamic State of Iraq and Lebanon. Senator Bob Corker, Republican of Tennessee, notes that the President … Continue reading

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From #redline to bottom line, Mr. #Obama pulls another great political move from his hat.

I think that Barack Obama has surpassed Bill Clinton as America’s greatest politician. While Mr. Clinton was shrewd, smooth, and fluid, Mr. Obama uses a jagged edged knife with a smooth quick, decisive swipe. Yesterday’s announcement that he would seek … Continue reading

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