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What the GOP has wrong about taxation

This week’s print edition of The Atlanta Voice provides two Associated Press stories discussing the Democratic Party’s fifty-state strategy and the GOP’s about face on fiscal responsibility. In one article, the Democrats’ “Resistance Summer” is designed to organize and expand … Continue reading

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Of bondholders and tax farmers …

No bondholder wants less taxes collected. They want more taxes collected as a result of increased output per worker, entrepreneur, or corporation. The more people included in the workforce and the more capital made available to workers, the greater the … Continue reading

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Trump’s 15% tax ain’t happening

Dear Trump-Pets. As a self-employed consultant, I support a 15% marginal tax on pass-throughs. Is it going to happen? No. Paul Ryan and Company won’t allow it and Nancy Pelosi and her minions will message negatively on the idea, calling … Continue reading

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Is capital abandoning the entrepreneur as well?

Where small firms have suffered low rates of business formation, lukewarm employment growth, and near stagnant growth in employee wages, is there public policy that can reignite entrepreneurship? Politicians on the left and right have been touting the virtues of … Continue reading

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I don’t like the idea of imputed #taxes

Bruce Bartlett posted a blog piece on imputed taxes for homeowners on The New York Times’ Economix blog.  Check it out.  In the post, Mr. Bartlett lays out an argument for taxing the foregone rental income a homeowner may have … Continue reading

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Admittedly, Romney White Paper is Spot-on about Obama

R. Glenn Hubbard, N. Gregory Mankiw, John B. Taylor, and Kevin A. Hasset released a white paper on the failings of President Obama’s economic policies. The professors also pointed out what they expect will be effective policies as proposed by … Continue reading

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Mittens and Bastille Day

The flack over Governor Mitt Romney’s failure to release his taxes is continuing full force this week. The issue, along with questions as to when Mr. Romney actually left Bain Capital, has been a major distraction for Team Romney. The … Continue reading

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Government’s sweet tooth for regulating behavior

Local, state, and federal government have an appetite for regulating our personal behavior. We can’t smoke on airplanes anymore. Some cities have banned smoking in restaurants. Now some states are talking about taxing drinks that contain sugar. According to a … Continue reading

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Why the current spending bill, deficit debate takes Mitt Romney out of the presidential run

A nice piece in today’s The New York Times.com documenting the Republicans’ emphasis on cutting spending as a priority in the 112th Congress. While I’m all streamlining government, it’s interesting how a party that has at times called for government … Continue reading

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On Obama’s read my lips moment

“Read my lips. No new taxes.“ Remember that line from George H.W. Bush? Well, Mr. Bush couldn’t persuade Congress otherwise. President Obama is now experiencing his read my lips moment. Since his campaign, Mr. Obama promised his liberal base a … Continue reading

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