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So Trump called Mapp, “President.” So fucking what. #USVI

I will take the contrarian view on Mr Trump’s reference to the chief executive officer of the USVI as “president.” So fucking what. Since the United States and its European precedents created the West Indies, Mr Trump, as chief executive … Continue reading

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American “no-how” and the #USVI

The United States boasts about its control of the seas and its rapidly deployed navy, but uses the excuse that its overseas territory in the Caribbean is “a bunch of islands” hence the difficulty. Doesn’t spawn a lot of confidence … Continue reading

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#USVI mobile broadband subscribers fed up with .@sprint service

The following text from a recently filed petition was provided by United States Virgin Islands resident, Genevieve Whitaker. As Virgin Islands (U.S.) customers and persons who visit the islands we have endured for years poor cell phone coverage throughout all … Continue reading

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